NOVEMBER 3rd 2013 Run to Live...or else


DAY OF REGISTRATION WILL OPEN at 12:30 pm on Sunday November 3rd

Zombie spots are sold out - Runner spots and After-Party tickets are available.

As the Zombie Infection Spreads, Local Areas Prepare

Hendersonvile, NC - Patients, suffering from an advanced and aggressive form of unidentified disease were released into the general population after an incident at a medical treatment facility outside of Washington, D.C.  The Centers for Disease Control and US Military officials have confirmed that the infection could reach Hendersonville as early as November.  Quarantine zones and secured evacuations routes to containment areas for the non-infected population are currently being prepared in areas where outbreak is considered an imminent threat.  Camp Ton-A-Wandah will serve as the containment zone for the greater Hendersonville area. A voluntary evacuation will begin on Sunday, November 3rd at 2pm.

The brain damaging disease, has mutated from the form first encountered in the early 1990s.  “It is unlike any response to this form of degenerative brain disease we have seen in the past,” CDC director, Ellen Seagle stated.  “These patients are violent, without a semblance of basic human cognition, and their reaction to humans as a food source is both disturbing and astounding.” 

The infected were released from quarentine after a security breech at an undisclosed medical facility outside of Washington, D.C.   Details of the incident have been slow to surface but initial reports indicate that infection of treatment staff caused the loss of control at the site. While Washington and the surrounding areas have been sealed, all of the infected could not be contained and officials urge towns and cities to begin preparation in response to an outbreak in their area.

The unidentified disease causes zombie-like behavior in end-stage patients. Early stage symptomsinclude: progressive dementia, lack of muscle coordination, flu-like symptoms and can rapidly advance to end-stage symptoms which include the complete loss of cognitive and rational abilities, and cannibalistic behavior.  The disease may be transmitted through contact with the blood or saliva of infected individuals.  The public should avoid contact with infected or potentially infected individuals and report any suspected cases to the CDC immediately. 

 As Hendersonville prepares a response to the crisis, citizens wait to evacuate.  Site coordinator, Bob Williford, strongly suggests citizens leave their homes on November 3rd.  Due to limited space at the containment site, the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce has been designated to coordinate evacuation registration.  Williford stated, “While the evacuation is voluntary, once the containment area is full, future evacuations will be deferred to an outlying area, but we are prepared to accept registration for priority evacuees.”

For more information on preparation or the day of escape please contact Ellen Seagle at 828-674-6087

Please note that evacuation spaces will be limited and registration is required.

Zombie Escape is a 2.4 mile trail run and after party.  All proceeds will benefit the Henderson County Soccer Association and the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce.